Fosters Pointe Community in Maineville, Ohio


Board of Directors

The Board meets on the second Monday of each month at the clubhouse at 8:00pm

If you wish to be on the ballot for a Director of the Association Board, please send an e-mail to one of the existing members.  Elections for new members take place each year on the first Monday in August. 

President:  Cadi Kelly


Phone: 513-646-2934

Vice President: Tim Conway


 Phone: 513-543-2500

Treasurer: Krista Juterbrock-Hall


 Phone: 216-407-5864

Secretary: Steve Flatten




Member at Large: Tim Coffindafferl



Financial Statements are available to any member by simply requesting a copy from the Treasurer.   Form 990 is also available for public inspection please request a copy from the Treasurer.

If you need a pool key please contact the Treasurer so that your good standing can be verified and arrangements can be made to  get you your key.

If you wish to rent the Clubhouse you must be in good standing.  Good standing is having all current dues paid in full prior to reserving and renting the clubhouse, and not having any board adjustment in your standing.  You event may be canceled or your deposit check held and applied to any outstanding dues or late fees if dues are not paid in full at the time of the event.